Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Chukhung, Nepal

Chukhung is a small climber's resort village located in a glacial valley 10 kilometers southwest of Mt. Everest.  The village is at an elevation of about 4730 meters (15,518 feet).  East of the village is a glacier that flows around the mountain called Imja Tse (Island Peak).  That glacier is easily visible in aerial imagery because of the ice-marginal lake that has formed between it, and another glacier to the west.  The terminus of the glacier appears to be steadily retreating to the east which is displayed in the gif below.

The gif shows the glacier in February 2003, May 2009, February 2010, and May 2013:

You can find it yourself on Google Earth using these coords:     27°53'N    86°56'E  

More info from sources referenced: Wikipedia

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