Thursday, August 4, 2011

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is an interesting place.  I've been there a few times but only when I wasn't old enough to participate in much.  One of my favorite casinos there is the Luxor Pyramid.  That thing is so cool looking and one day I plan on playing some poker there.  Anyways, I checked it out on google maps and found something pleasantly surprising:

March, 2006

June, 2007

February, 2008
Chris Angel's Believe

June, 2009
Despite my dislike of the Transformers movies, this looks pretty awesome.

May, 2010
No advertisements this day I suppose but very beautiful reflections.

You can find it yourself on Google Earth using these coords:   36°05'43.68"N  115°10'31.88"W

Check back next week to see a peninsula wiped clean after a hurricane.

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  1. My goodness. It's like having your own spy satellite. Makes the world seem a much smaller place!