Thursday, January 24, 2013

Breezy Point, New York

Two weeks ago I posted about Hurricane Sandy's impact on New Jersey and the destruction it caused there through storm surge, waves, and wind.  Today I'll be showing images of Breezy Point, NY where the hurricane caused a different problem: Fire.

Like my last post, this story is really nothing new to those of us living in the USA.  Nevertheless, the devastation looks somewhat more revealing from above where the burned out homes look like a scar through the town.  

The animation below shows June 17, 2010 and November 3, 2012:

You can find it yourself on Google Earth using these coords:     40°33'28"N     73°55'05"W

More info: Jeff Master's Wunderblog during the month of October

NEW!!!: I've added a map feature to my blog near the top of the page where you can use Google Maps to see a spatial view of all my blog post locations.  Nifty right?

Check back in two weeks to see one of the most impressive road bridges in the world.

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