Thursday, November 7, 2013

Karymsky Volcano, Russia

Karymsky: funny name, serious volcano.  Karymsky is a very active stratovolcano located on Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula.  The Global Volcanism Program calls it the most active volcano of Kamchatka's eastern volcanic zone and describes its eruptions as vulcanian or vulcanian-strombolianIn late April or early May the volcano burped out enough ash to leave a beautiful, black, ash fall on the snow-covered landscape.  Landsat 8 snapped a picture of the area around the volcano on May 20, 2013, and that image was subsequently featured on NASA's Earth Observatory website.

The following gif shows the Landsat 8 image from May 20th and a previous, snowless image (which Google Earth lists as April 9, 2013 though I'm not sure I believe that...)

For some great photos of Karymsky follow these links:

You can find it yourself on Google Earth using these coords:     54°03'N    159°25'E  

More info from sources referenced: WikipediaEarth Observatory, Global Volcanism Program

Check back for more in two weeks!

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